Winchester Tree Surgeon & Hedge Services

We offer a full range of services to cover all your tree and hedge needs. We have well over 10 years experience, are fully qualified, certified to BS 3998 (British Standard) and fully insured, so you can be confident we are up to the job.

We also know that if we are working at your home it is important to keep any interruptions to a minimum and we will do our very best to do so. We'll always do our best to clean up after ourselves, leaving your home in the same state that we found it.


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Tree Dismantling

When a tree has overgrown its space or has become diseased it may need removal and disposal. We specialise in this kind of work and have all of the equipment to carry it out safely and efficiently.


We'll take any waste away with us, or we can even cut it into logs for your own use.


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Hedge Trimming

Established hedges require trimming to keep them dense and compact. Formal hedges require more frequent trimming than informal hedges.


New hedges require formative pruning for their first couple of years after planting. Formative pruning is usually carried out in winter or spring.


After this, maintenance trimming is carried out, usually once a year for informal hedges and twice a year for formal hedges. Some formal hedges may need three cuts a year. Maintenance trimming is generally carried out between spring and summer.

For more information on Hedge Trimming visit the Royal Horticultural Society website.


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Stump Grinding and Removal

When trees are felled or fall, their stumps should be removed to prevent suckering and fungal root rots. 

Tree stumps can be left in the ground after felling but this can lead to problems with suckering where new shoots arise from the trunk and roots.

Completely dead stumps won't form suckers, but they can play host to root diseases such as honey fungus, so aren't worth leaving in and taking the risk.

For more information on stump removal visit the Royal Horticultural Society webite

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Fruit Tree Pruning

Winter pruning of apple and pear trees is essential to ensure a good crop the following year and to prevent branches getting congested. Pruning should be carried out when the tree is dormant, between leaf fall and bud burst (usually between November and early March).

If you have an old tree that has not been baring fruit it is often possible to bring it back to life with the right pruning.

Form more information on fruit tree pruning visit the Royal Horticultural Society Website


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Site Clearance

C&D Trees undertake site clearance work for property developers and Highways Agency throughout Hampshire.

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Hedge Planting

Whether it's replacing an existing hedge or creating a new one, the experts at C&D Trees can help you by planting the best hedge to meet your needs.

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